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Treatment for Alcohol Dependence

In Privacy and Luxury

Confidential treatment for alcohol addiction and dependence

Dependence of any kind is as much a spiritual malaise as it is physical. At the Istana Luxury Alcohol Addiction Rehab, our approach to alcohol addiction is completely personalised.

We know that an effective and successful alcohol treatment program requires a deep understanding of the individual and their unique circumstances and issues. This is particularly true in the case of HNWIs, high-profile and high-performance individuals.

We are unbound by the dogma of the dated and coarse methods utilised by normal alcohol rehabs. We employ the latest and most progressive thinking from all areas of medicine, psychiatry, psychology and holistic mind, body, and soul practices.

Bespoke one-to-one treatment

We are not a normal alcohol rehab, we see you as a whole person and treat you as the unique individual you are. Our holistic treatment method will give you an experientially derived understanding of how to live a happy and fulfilling life without the misuse of alcohol and its devastating effects.

We also know you are more than your addiction. Istana is your opportunity to immeasurably improve your life beyond just dealing with alcohol addiction.

At Istana, we won’t ask you to fit into a predetermined program, attend group therapy or share facilities with a group of strangers.

As with all our client programs, your treatment will be bespoke, uniquely designed to specifically meet your individual needs and to achieve your personal goals for recovery.

You will be housed in your own private 5-star villa set on large grounds complete with a pool, discreet domestic staff and a personal chef. You will have the undivided attention of a curated team of specialists.

If you want to improve your life and remove alcohol as a driving force then we can help you achieve fundamental positive change that can last a lifetime.

Further Information on Alcohol Addiction and Alcohol Rehabs

A problem with alcohol can take many shapes and vary wildly in appearance and severity. However, it is generally perceived as progressive and eventual alcohol dependence is characterised by a strong need to drink despite the undeniable problems associated with continued use.

Alcohol addiction is overshadowed by drug dependence and its harmful effects are underrated. It is physically destructive and takes an enormous toll on those close to a problem drinker.

Fortunately, over the last fifteen years, much research has been conducted, and alcohol and drug addiction are now seen as a condition of the mind, body and soul, often caused by complex underlying reasons. This progress means that, thankfully, new solutions for the successful treatment of alcohol addiction have opened up.

The latest research shows that there is a spectrum of alcohol addiction ranging from mild dependence to binge drinking to complete chemical dependence. An effective alcohol treatment program requires a deep understanding of the individual and their unique issues for successful treatment.

 Alcohol addiction is a condition involving memory, motivation and brain reward and it is “caused by a combination of behavioural, environmental, and biological factors”. Your particular alcohol addiction really is unique to you, and a truly personalised alcohol treatment program is critical for a successful and sustainable outcome.

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