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Your Own Luxury Villa

Complete Calm & Absolute Privacy

tranquillity, comfort and privacy

From experience, we know that treatment is enhanced and recovery is accelerated in an atmosphere of tranquillity, comfort and privacy. We also understand the service levels expected from our clients and can accommodate most requests. You will be housed in your own secluded, private and spacious 5-star luxury villa accommodation set within its own tropical gardens. A carefully selected therapeutic team will be on call throughout your stay to ensure your needs are well taken care of so you can relax and focus on your recovery.

Villa's are selected based on your individual preferences

All of our villas have at least four bedrooms, a pool, private grounds and ample room for treatments, relaxation and elegant dining.

The luxury villa accommodation is located throughout the islands in various locations and is among some of Bali’s, Barbados’s and Ibiza’s most beautiful settings. All villas are in proximity to incredible cultural and recreational amenities. Chosen to suit your preferences, we can host you in accommodation that is overlooking the sweeping vistas of the Mediterranean, the tropical rainforests of Bali or the white sand beaches of Barbados. Our villas are unbranded and have no observable connection with Istana, thus making them the perfect choice for those who want to maintain anonymity and a sense of privacy.

Below are examples of the standard of accommodation you can expect. If you are interested in coming to Istana we will send you details and images of the villas we have available at your preferred time of arrival. 




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