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Empathetic Treatment for Mood Disorders and Behavioural Health

Restoration to a life of balance, health and happiness is possible.

Anxiety, depression and PTSD are the most common behavioural health issues in the world today. Many people have hard-to-define feelings of discontent that they find difficult to share, even with loved ones. Twenty-first-century life has exacerbated even minor mental health disorders, with many believing that excessive screen time, social media, and now Covid, are factors.

Left untreated, such feelings can escalate into clinical depression and often self-medication through substance abuse. If PTSD, anxiety, and depression are affecting you, Istana will help you find lasting relief from these burdens.

Talk with one of our team to discuss the unique, gentle and personalised treatment program at the Istana Luxury Mental Health Retreat in Bali, Ibiza or Barbados.

Successful depression treatment or anxiety treatment relies on a skilled and compassionate team and a conducive environment.

At the Istana Luxury Behavioural Health Retreat, you will be cared for by an immensely competent and experienced team, all of whom are renowned experts in their field and some will have gone through what you are experiencing now. You will feel safe, understood and loved.

The chaotic environment and regimented nature of a normal rehab centre is absolutely not an ideal environment for mental wellbeing. Additionally, group therapy programs are generally ineffective in the treatment of mental health disorders.

You will stay in your own 5-star villa, set in large tropical gardens. In addition to your dedicated Istana treatment team, you’ll have your own chef and discreet domestic staff to take care of all needs in your villa.

At the Istana Luxury Mental Health Retreat, you have nothing to do other than relax and focus on your recovery and restoration to full mental well-being.

Istana is not a normal rehab centre in any sense. The treatment you receive is uniquely personalised for you and tailored to your needs, preferences and experiences. We will collaborate with you to create the most effective depression or anxiety treatment program to remove the symptoms and unveil and resolve the underlying causes of your mental health disorder.