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the island of the gods

Why travel to a rehab in Bali?

Location will play an important role in your treatment and recovery. Simply making your way to a different part of the world can remove you from the distractions, habits, and even traumas that can be an integral part of your home life. Travelling for treatment sets a clear intention to create positive change in your life and affirms your belief that such change is possible.

For some of our clients, particularly those from the Middle East, attending rehab in their home country is simply not an option. Sadly, stigmas around mental health or substance abuse can jeopardise careers, reputations, and even one’s place in society.

We have therefore chosen each Istana location with great care. Many parts of the world are rich in natural beauty, culture and spirituality. As a world-class recovery centre, we need something more. Our clients require a place of healing and, of course, complete confidentiality. Each of our rehab centres is unique, so we want to give you all the details you need to make the best choice for you. Could Bali be the place where you finally find peace?

What the Istana Rehab in Bali can offer you


Most importantly our location in Bali offers total privacy. This makes it a popular choice with our more high-profile clients. Many well-known people holiday here, yet their visits are seldom reported or noticed. Indeed, the Balinese are noted for their friendly, easy-come, easy-go attitude.


Bali is within easy reach of all Asia’s regional hubs. It is also a manageable flight from the Middle East. For our European clients, Bali is often preferable to the ultra-long-haul or multi-stop journey to Australia. And our Australian and New Zealand clients take comfort in the island’s familiarity and proximity to their home countries.

The year-round tropical climate means timing is no issue, no matter how urgent your needs are. Bali also has excellent medical facilities, and fast internet is standard.

Natural beauty

Bali gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature – an important part of your recovery. The island is located within the Coral Triangle, where you’ll discover the largest diversity of marine species in the world. This means we can offer diving and surfing experiences that are genuinely transformative.

World-class treatments

It is also the perfect place for you to experience our complementary therapies. Bali is known globally for the breadth and quality of its wellness culture, notably in the areas of yoga, meditation and spirituality. Part of this comes from its unique Hindu/Buddhist culture – a source of inspiration and transcendence for many of our clients. But the beauty and diversity of Bali’s natural environment play at least as big a role. 

A simple walk along a stretch of golden sand will get your body moving and give you some much-needed mental space. If you prefer, we can offer cycling, outdoor yoga, or hiking in forests home to the local monkeys. You can also explore the numerous waterfalls, lakes, coffee plantations, rice terraces and volcanos dotted about the island. And of course, sitting in your personal garden at sunset, watching the tropical sky change with vibrant colours is guaranteed to calm your mind.

Delicious, healthy cuisine

The island’s lush environment and strong traditions have generated world-class cuisine. Your personal chef will use local produce in your personalised health plan.

If you need any further details about Istana Rehab Bali, please do get in touch. If you are concerned about your mental health in any way, we are here to help.