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Rehab in Barbados


What Istana Rehab in Barbados can offer you


A-listers have long appreciated Barbados for its laid-back culture and unmatched level of privacy. Indeed, it is strongly favoured by our clients with a higher public profile, who need guaranteed anonymity and a complete break from a rather intrusive world. Locals are used to seeing known faces, and your presence is unlikely to raise eyebrows let alone cameras.


Istana Rehab in Barbados is easily reached from all of North America’s regional hubs. It is also a manageable flight from Europe and the Middle East. As an established travel destination, fast internet and international medical facilities are standard.

World-class treatments

The Caribbean’s relaxed, beach-oriented culture makes it a natural home for wellness, rehabilitation and pleasure. Discerning visitors ensure that standards are world-class and approaches are innovative, something that harmonises well with Istana’s evidence-based methods of selecting the best holistic therapies for our clients.

Natural beauty

Many of our clients comment on the diversity of the Caribbean landscape, and the rejuvenating effect it has had on them. You might spend a morning exploring a national park, and an afternoon deep in an underground cave network, among stalagmites and stalactites. Rolling sand dunes and luminous white sand are, of course, a given across the shorelines.

Animal and plant life, much of it protected, is abundant across the Caribbean. You may find yourself close to monkeys, iguanas and an astonishing array of bird species whilst padding along a rainforest trail. Underwater, you can spot turtles, stingrays or even dolphins.

Outdoor culture

Whatever your fitness level, it is easy to be active in the Caribbean. The best way to experience the natural beauty is on foot through the many trails and paths dotted about. Water-based activities are popular with our clients, particularly diving, snorkelling and sailing.

Delicious, healthy cuisine

Bajan cuisine is a mesmerising fusion of African, European, Cajun, Latin American and Asian influences, amongst others, and it’s sure to set your tastebuds alight. Your personal chef will make good use of the plantains, peppers and coconuts that grow abundantly throughout the region. And fish here, fresh out of the water, has a taste and texture like nowhere else.

If you need any further details about the Istana rehab in Barbados, please do get in touch.

If you are concerned about your mental health in any way, we are here to help.

Why travel to a rehab in Barbados?

Travelling to our rehab in Barbados will aid in your recovery by removing you from the distractions, habits and any trauma associated with your home life.

The act of travel is to seek change, it is associated with new ideas, fresh possibilities and renewed hope. Travelling for treatment is an affirmation of your good intentions for positive change and your belief that change is possible.

For some clients, particularly those with reputations to protect or from high-profile families, attending treatment in their home location is simply not an option. The stigma of having a problem with substance abuse or mental health can jeopardise careers, reputations and even one’s place in society.

The location of the Istana Rehab in Barbados makes it an ideal place for our VIP clients from the Americas to come to for confidential help and treatment. Far enough away to ensure confidentiality and close enough for a quick and easy flight.

We offer various island location options and take care of everything to make it easy for you to come to our rehab in Barbados. We will fast-track you through immigration and customs, our villas are government-approved for places of quarantine and in-country health checks can be done in your villa.

We have chosen each Istana location with great care. Many parts of the world are rich in natural beauty, culture and spirituality. As a world-class recovery centre, however, we need something more. Our clients require a place of healing and, of course, complete confidentiality. Each of our centres is different, so we want to give you all the details you need to make the best choice for you.