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The Istana Experience

Confidential recovery in privacy & luxury

We can help get you here

If you request we can assist you at every stage of your journey to any one of our locations. We understand that in some cases this may be an unplanned decision and thus efficient arrangements must be made to ensure a safe and secure journey to rehabilitation.

We can advise you on what to bring to ensure you are well-prepared to begin treatment without any distractions. Items like comfortable workout clothing, enclosed footwear for recreation activities and personal training, clothing for dining out should you wish to do so, and any medications prescribed by your doctor if required.

Travel Escorts

If the prospect of coming to treatment is too overwhelming, one of our senior staff members can come to assist you with packing, help you arrange your affairs prior to departure, and travel with you. Upon request they can assist with travel bookings and arrangements and ensure you are aware of all visa and passport requirements.

Should you decide to make your own way to Bali, Barbados or Ibiza, a member of our team will meet you at your plane, fast-track you through customs and bring you in a discreet unmarked vehicle to your private villa. If required your medical team will be at the villa when you arrive to provide immediate medical care and 24-hour nursing.

Prior to your arrival and during this stage, our medical team will consult with your prescribing practitioner to ensure continuity and precision in the medical care required you will receive.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding travelling to Bali, Ibiza or Barbados for treatment by contacting us here.

Your first day

Your first day is a soft landing – it is a gentle time for you to acclimatise and relax. We understand that coming to treatment can be a strange feeling and you may be feeling a bit fragile. To ensure you have a relatively smooth and seamless transition we follow the below plan for your first day.

  • Upon arrival, you will be greeted at your private luxury villa by your client services liaison, domestic staff and personal chef.
  • Your doctor will also be present for medical observations, and prescription requirements. If required you will be under the care of a 24/7 nursing team  during your detox.
  • If you are undergoing a detox we will keep you calm, relaxed and as comfortable as possible. All withdrawal symptoms will be monitored and medication dispensed as required.
  • We will show you around your villa and help you unpack your belongings to get settled.
  • Your personal chef will be on hand to prepare delicious snacks and meals when you want them. Your menu is based on your nutritional requirements, dietary requirements and taste preferences.
  • We will schedule a massage session when you feel ready to help you relax and feel a sense of calm in your new environment.
  • The rest of the day is at your leisure. We are always on hand to assist in planning any activities or day trips you would like to do to explore the magnificent islands of Bali, Ibiza or Barbados. We believe that recreation and having fun is an important part of your recovery. This can also include activities you may have not enjoyed in a while like surfing, horse riding, yoga, mediation, painting or shopping.

A Typical Day

Your program is a uniquely designed experience just for you. It will take into account your preferences, requirements and health and fitness levels and it will address your goals in the time you have available.

Every day is different at Istana and a typical day will consist of 3-4 sessions. During the week you can expect to experience:

  • Beautiful mornings that lend themselves to gentle practices such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, a swim or just a peaceful walk.
  • Delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner are all freshly made by your personal chef.
  • Several days a week you will see the psychotherapist. Psychotherapy can be intense, so you can follow each session with a relaxing therapy such as massage or reflexology.
  • Supplementary treatments including acupuncture, shiatsu and physiotherapy
  • Body and mind health pursuits such as personal training, yoga or tai chi.
  • Complementary therapies such as art therapy, music, personal narrative, and dance.
  • We can clear a space in the day for you to attend to any communication and personal and business administration. However, you will find the more you can disconnect and focus on your time here the deeper your experience will be.
  • Relaxing body treatments including massage and reflexology are scheduled daily.
  • Your evenings are free to enjoy a delicious meal, watch television, read or just relax and enjoy the peace of your surroundings.

On weekends we encourage you to explore the idea of recreation as therapy in whatever form interests you. We can arrange many different excursions and shopping trips or you can just lie by the pool with a good book.

Your program is dynamic and will change with you. At the end of each week, we meet with you to plan your schedule for the following week.

Returning Home

From your first day at Istana to the final day, we are working towards a goal for you to return home happier, healthier, relaxed and free from substance abuse habits or other disorders. You will be equipped with new skills to help you enjoy the life you deserve.

Your individual program is monitored and adjusted to ensure you progress towards that goal each day of your stay. We will encourage you to reflect on the quality of the relationships in your life, destructive patterns and behaviours and triggers for relapse. Through the teachings and tools that our practitioners provide to you, you will feel empowered to have a calmer mind, clearer thought process and confidence to continue with your program whilst returning to your normal day-to-day activities.

In the final stages of your program, we work with you to prepare a re-entry plan built on your new knowledge, skills and goals. This plan may include contacts with high-calibre professionals in your country of residence who can continue the work started at Istana. In line with our holistic approach to treatment, we will encourage you to continue the holistic therapies you connected with during your stay. This may include relaxation massages, yoga, meditation, mind and body work as well as psychotherapy.

Our team is dynamic and can be mobilised to accompany you on your journey to return home if required. We have found some clients have a greater success rate of acclimatising back into their normal home environment with the assistance of our practitioner’s guidance and experience. Our team can assist you in removing any triggers as well as continue your routined treatment plan with you in your normal home environment as a way to being your aftercare.

If you wish we can facilitate your travel arrangements to return home. Or we can help make arrangements so you can take time out to decompress before returning home.