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Confidential Rehabilitation

Bespoke One-to-One Treatment

Bespoke treatment and lasting results for drug addiction

Clients come to Istana luxury drug rehab for our emphasis on confidentiality and our expertise in rapid recovery and lasting results from substance addiction.

We focus on one client at a time and dedicate a curated team to your physical, mental and spiritual recovery from drug and prescription medication abuse. All this is set in an environment of privacy, luxury and calm.

The life-changing experience of personalised one-on-one substance dependence treatment is considered to be the most effective method to provide life-long recovery from drug and prescription medication dependence for willing and engaged clients.

Please note that we are selective about who we can admit as drug and prescription medication addiction clients and we are unable to accept anyone who presents as a risk to themselves or others. In the unlikely event that this is the case will refer you to one of our partner facilities.


Bespoke one-on-one treatment

At the Istana luxury drug rehab, we won’t ask you to fit into a one-size-fits-all program, attend group therapy, adhere to puerile rules or share facilities with a group of strangers.

Your substance dependence treatment program is created after a personal and clinical assessment. It will be specifically designed to meet your needs, keep you interested and engaged and achieve your personal goals for recovery.

You will stay in your own private 5-star villa set in lush, spacious and secure grounds. Our villas are quietly luxurious and unbranded, all come with pools, domestic staff, a personal chef and 24-hour security.

Substance dependence is a malaise of the mind, body and soul so treatment at the Istana luxury drug rehab is holistic to treat your mind, body and soul.

We will help you to resolve the underlying issues of your drug abuse and see clearly that drugs are not a necessary or even helpful solution to life’s problems.


Results that last a lifetime

Some clients worry that giving up drugs may doom them to a dull life isolated from social occasions. Many of our drug addiction treatment staff have been in recovery for a long time, if you have this concern please allow us to show you that quite the opposite is true.

Clients who engage in their program and maintain what they have learned can expect lifelong results from this experience. You really can leave Istana Luxury Drug Rehab and experience the complete freedom of never being dependent on substances again.


Latest research on drug addiction and treatment

Drug addiction has always been with us. Over the last fifteen years, science and medicine have found comprehensive evidence showing that this is a condition of the mind, body and soul, often caused by complex underlying reasons. Possibilities for recovery and treatment methods have expanded rapidly. 

The latest research shows that there is a spectrum of drug addiction ranging from stress-related drug abuse to full-blown chemical dependency. Substance and drug abuse are normally symptoms of deeper issues causing a condition of varying severity involving memory, motivation and brain reward. According to the Center for Addiction in America, substance addiction is “caused by a combination of behavioural, environmental, and biological factors”.

So, your issue with drug dependence really is unique to you. A bespoke program in a residential private drug rehab designed specifically to address your unique needs is critical for a successful and sustainable outcome.

If you suspect that you or a loved one has a problem with drug addiction or drug dependence the best time to act is now, please contact us. Health, reputations and relationships are at stake and these are often irrevocably lost if one waits to reach ‘rock bottom’ before seeking help.

Our one-to-one approach means during your drug addiction treatment you will experience none of the chaotic energy associated with regular drug rehab.