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Sex Addiction Treatment at Istana

Also known as hyper-sexuality, sex addiction is on the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) and is taken very seriously by Istana’s team of psychologists. It can be challenging to define due to cultural factors and moral codes that are attached to human sexuality. However, it has a hugely detrimental effect on people’s lives. Thoughts can intrude for hours a day, and the use of pornography can be a problem. Relationships and careers can be put at risk. We refrain from using the terms sex addicts, inappropriate sexual behaviour and sexual addiction as these are reductive and don’t capture the complexity of this condition.

The root cause of hyper-sexuality is rarely related to sex. High-frequency sexual behaviour can be related to bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. It is sometimes found in those experiencing anxiety and depression. Additionally, sex addiction often goes hand in hand with substance abuse and clients often present with multiple issues. In our treatment, there is no judgement – our experts have dealt with many clients experiencing this condition. They will not be shocked by anything you tell them.

For this reason, confidentiality is guaranteed at Istana. No one other than your treating team needs to know you are with us and you will be the only client at your chosen location, so our world-class team of experts will be completely focused on your progress. They have been selected for their extensive experience and sensitivity in the area of recovery from sex addiction with a focus on bringing lasting results.

We don’t believe in group therapy or predetermined, ‘cookie cutter’ programs here. Your treatment will be unique to you and you will experience the full range of services associated with luxury sex addiction treatment. We will create a program to optimise your recovery, in full consultation with you at every stage. If you wish, we will liaise with your current practitioners to ensure a seamless transition to our treatment, followed by appropriate aftercare upon your return.

Your villa, surrounded by large tropical gardens, has been designed with serenity and seclusion in mind. Healthy meals prepared by a personal chef aid your recovery, and domestic staff are discreet, enabling you to focus fully on regaining your equilibrium.

If you feel that you may have an issue with hyper-sexuality, please click here for more detailed information.

If you or someone you know is having problems with sex addiction, or any other issue, please do contact us for advice.

Results of your program

Within a few weeks, your sex dependency will recede and you will feel a renewed sense of calm. You will begin to look at your condition dispassionately and see new ways to resolve it. Your fitness will be increasing, and you will feel more comfortable in your body and aware of what it is capable of. Any brain fog will fade away, and your thoughts will be clearer and more focused.

When your time at Istana has reached its end, you will be able to look to your future with confidence and understanding.

Arrange a confidential discussion today.

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