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The term luxury rehab was originally coined about 18 years ago to describe a new and at the time radical, way of helping people suffering from mood disorders and substance dependence.

The service of a luxury rehab differentiated itself from the only other offerings at that time which were hospital-style clinics and a plethora of group therapy-style rehabs by offering individualised care and completely personalised service by the highest possible calibre of practitioners in a completely confidential and luxurious environment.

Genuine luxury rehabs offer not just private rooms but 5-star private villa accommodation, assurance of complete confidentiality, entirely one-to-one treatment and are bespoke in all aspects of the client experience.

Since then the term luxury rehab has been adopted by pretty much every rehab providing little more than just a mattress on the floor. Private rooms alone do not a luxury rehab make and they are certainly not a guarantee of luxury treatment, individualised care or anything close to a completely confidential service.

With all this clutter perhaps a more accurate description of the luxury rehab service, and the term we prefer to use, is Luxury Therapeutic Retreat.

If you are looking for help with mental illness and/or substance dependence and confidentiality, personalised service and luxury treatment from world-leading practitioners set in your own 5-star villa accommodation please contact us.

There are only 4 companies in the world that genuinely provide this uncompromising level of bespoke service and Istana is one of them.

And naturally personal chefs are part of the service!

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