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Aftercare & Ongoing Support

Customised to your requirements

Individual aftercare support plan

Your need for ongoing support will be highly individual and we will work with you to ensure you get the support and aftercare you need for the period you need it.

In our experience ongoing support is an important component in successfully returning home and minimising the risk of relapse and can include continued regular contact with the therapists at Istana. This is why we believe treatment doesn’t end when you depart our facilities. It is an ongoing process that involves a strong support system, a specialised team of therapists and practitioners as well as your commitment to continuing with the program once you return home.

We will also recommend therapists and practitioners in your country to ensure the continuity of the benefits gained during your stay with us. Due to our holistic approach, this is not limited to therapy alone, it also involves incorporating a nutritious diet, focus on physical exercise and commitment to recovery.

You may wish to return to Istana from time to time to consolidate your recovery. We find that some clients may require a longer stay or are simply not ready to return to their day-to-day activities. Our trained team of professionals can create a bespoke program that includes travelling with you to return home. This can provide you with the support required to settle back into your new way of life in your home environment.

Our flexible model allows us to respond to your needs in the ways most useful to you. Whether that is via phone conference sessions, via email or in-person – our highly mobile team believes that aftercare is just as important as rehab itself.