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Rehab in Ibiza


Why travel to a rehab in Ibiza?

Travelling to our rehab in Ibiza can aid in your recovery by removing you from the distractions, habits and possibly even trauma associated with your home life.

The act of travel is to seek change, it is associated with new ideas, fresh possibilities and renewed hope. Travelling for treatment is an affirmation of your good intentions for positive change and your belief that change is possible.

It also ensures privacy. For some of our clients, particularly those in the Middle East, attending rehab locally is sadly not an option. Stigmas around substance abuse and mental health can jeopardise reputations, careers, and even one’s place in society. A secluded, far-flung location will reduce the stress of confidentiality by providing you with a sense of anonymity in a completely different environment.

We have therefore chosen each Istana location with great care. Many parts of the world are rich in culture, natural beauty and spirituality. As a world-class recovery centre, we require more. Our clients need a place of anonymity, seclusion, luxury and healing. Each of our centres is unique, so we want to give you all the information you need to make the best choice for you.
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What Istana Rehab in Ibiza can offer you

You may be surprised that we chose Ibiza, an island often associated with nightlife and partying. However, there is another side to this island in the Balearics, one with a rich culture of healthy living and wellbeing perfectly suited to your recovery and transformation.


Our client villas in Ibiza are scattered around the island offering clients the choice of spectacular sea views or peaceful rural settings. Every villa offers absolute privacy and high security.

There are many celebrities and high-profile individuals who choose to call Ibiza their second home for not only the privacy it offers but also because of their ability to move around the island unrecognised and without hassle.


Istana Rehab Ibiza is a short flight from all of Europe’s regional hubs. It is also a manageable distance from the Middle East. International-standard medical facilities and fast internet are standard.

World-class treatments

Often described as a ‘wellness paradise’, Ibiza’s healing culture is rooted in both tradition and modernity. The year-round temperate climate and phenomenal natural resources make it the perfect location for complementary and wellness therapies to restore your equilibrium.

Ancient culture

Due to its strategic location on the map, Ibiza has been home to great civilisations such as the Phoenicians, Romans and Carthaginians. The capital’s old town, with its medieval stone walls and impressive fortress, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. The important Phoenician sites of Sa Caleta and Puig des Molins also gained this coveted status. The beauty of real Ibiza and its extraordinary history and culture is often overlooked by casual visitors.

Natural Beauty

The UNESCO committee also recognised Ibiza’s natural environment, notably the purity of the seawater. Globally threatened species such as the monk seal live happily here, and Ibiza’s nature reserves are also home to the best-preserved seabed plants in the Mediterranean.

It is, therefore, no surprise that many Istana clients find water sports and diving in particular in Ibiza a profound experience. 

Delicious, healthy cuisine

Ibiza’s high-quality local produce is well known. Your personal chef will make use of the island’s locally produced olive oil, fish (especially the exquisite San Pedro megrim) and subtle-tasting summer and winter honeys. Of course, wild herbs and almonds play an important part too. Locals here pride themselves on gathering produce at the peak point of ripeness, ensuring optimum flavour.

If you need any further details about Istana rehab Ibiza, please do get in touch.

If you are concerned about your mental health in any way, we are here to help. Arrange a confidential discussion

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