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Istana’s one-to-one single-client rehab is much more effective than traditional group rehab programs. Here’s why:

You are an individual with unique issues and requirements and your program will be customised specifically to meet these needs.

We won’t shoehorn you into a pre-determined one-size-fits-all program which may be completely irrelevant to your individual therapeutic and personal needs.

Individual therapy allows for a deeper connection with your psychotherapist enabling you to access, address and resolve your core issues in a safe and private space.

Personalised and private activities of your choice avoid the sometimes demeaning “school outing” feel of group activities and excursions.

Private sessions and activities allow you to truly develop new interests and hone your skills under the expert guidance of your teachers.

The privacy we offer gives you the physical and emotional space to recover without the adverse distraction of a group environment comprised of people with whom you may have absolutely nothing in common.

Instead of having to share a room or even communal space, you will have your own private 5-star villa with facilities to cater to your every preference and requirement. This completely removes any concern or stress of being seen in the public eye and naturally enhances your comfort and privacy levels.

Your personal chef will create a delicious and healthy menu to cater to your personal preferences and aid your recovery.

If you would like to know more about our service please do get in touch. Your privacy is our responsibility, and confidentiality is our religion.


A message from Dr Jeremy Alford, Istana Clinical Director

Mental health accounts for about one-third of adult health problems globally. Our continued search for a more effective solution has led us to the conclusion that working with one client at a time set in the most luxurious and naturally conducive environment for healing sets the stage for maximum treatment efficiency and sustainable recovery.

Our unique approach makes Istana the ideal location for any high-profile individual to find refuge in order to address and overcome the complexities of addiction and mental health. We take great pride to ensure that every client that comes to us is treated with the utmost privacy, adhering to the highest standards of care and excellence in an environment away from the glare and pressure of their usual daily routines.

All clients are carefully assessed prior to their arrival so that we can ensure that their program and treatment is specifically tailored to their need. A complete schedule is devised with our team of experts that are carefully selected to offer our clients the treatment and recovery that each client deserves.

Although there are positive benefits to group residential treatment services for addiction and mental health, we know that single-client rehabs are as effective, if not even more effective due to their highly customised nature. Having to work with other clients in the same service can prove to be very challenging and not always adequate, especially when client issues are mixed.

Our mental health is the most important aspect of our life. Without it, we would not be able to live a full and harmonious life. It is therefore the reason we take our chosen bespoke service to the highest level in every area in order to ensure that all our clients are firmly set on the path to sustainable recovery.

You are welcome to contact us to arrange a private conversation with Jeremy to discuss how we can help you.

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